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Toyota Innova Car Hire

  • Seat : 6 Passengers + 1 Driver
  • Local : 80 Km 08 Hours Rs.1700/-
  • Fare Per Km : 12, 14, 15 /-
  • Driver Charges : 200 /- (Per Day)
  • Extra Expenses : Toll, Tax + Parking
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Swift Dzire Car Hire

  • Seat : 4 Passengers + 1 Driver
  • Local : 80 Km 08 Hours Rs.1500/-
  • Fare Per Km : 11 /-
  • Driver Charges : 200 /- (Per Day)
  • Extra Expenses : Toll, Tax + Parking
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Toyota Etios Car Hire

  • Seat : 4 Passengers + 1 Driver
  • Local : 80 Km 08 Hours Rs.1400/-
  • Fare Per Km : 10 /-
  • Driver Charges : 200 /- (Per Day)
  • Extra Expenses : Toll, Tax + Parking
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Tata Indica Car Hire

  • Seat : 4 Passengers + 1 Driver
  • Facility : 80 Km 08 Hours Rs.1200/-
  • Fare Per Km : 9 /-
  • Driver Charges : 200 /- (Per Day)
  • Extra Expenses : Toll, Tax + Parking
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Welcome to 29 State Car Rental Services

Motor vehicles like car have become a daily need for every one of us. If you are a working person then it is most likely that you need a car for travelling to your work place. Similarly for your personal family work you require a car so that you get the comfort of travelling. It is not very possible for each one of us to afford a car just because we need it at every place. Anything that requires more than three people we think of getting it done using a car.
Those of us who don’t have a personal car but still need a car for travelling purpose can rent a car. There are thousands of car rental agencies that give the car for rent. Before we get there we need to understand what exactly you want. Economy car rentals are of different types depending upon the requirement. You can hire a car for a short distance drive or you can hire a car for outstation service, all depends upon your requirement. Here are few types of Car Rental Services.
• You can hire car for short duration as well as one way car rental where the rental service provides you with driver.
• Similarly you can hire car for long distance (outstation) with a driver.
• If you need a car for few days or weeks then you can hire it and can drive it on your own.
• You can also hire cars for monthly use and the cars can be of different types.

Who Are We?

29 State Car Rental Services are one of the premium car rental firm that offers different types of car for different types of services. Our services are not only limited to providing cars for rent. We also provide mini bus for India Tour Packages. Basically if you are going on a long journey like a 500+ kilometers travel then you need a comfortable, luxury and spacious vehicle in which you can travel and enjoy. Apart from these, we also do the Hotel Bookings for our client. If you can’t get time for booking hotel then we can do it and can in our tour package.
You can try a weekend getaway any enjoy one or two days with your loved ones using our outstation car rental services. We provide cars of small size, sedan as well as SUVs as per the requirements. This included the tempo traveler which is a 12 seater vehicle especially for long travels with number of people in a family. This tempo traveler is comfortable and suitable for a big family of 10-12 members.
Similarly we provide mini bus on rent in case when a group of people like family friends, relatives or acquaintances are going for a journey outstation together. A mini bus can accommodate 20-25 people with good seating space making the journey comfortable. These buses are equipped with AC and other modern equipment making your journey comfortable. Similarly, we also provide cargo van rental if you are planning to ship your belongings from one place to another. We take the guarantee for smooth cargo facility without any wear and tear of the shipment.
If you are thinking about Bike rental near me then you can also contact us. We also provide bikes for our clients depending on their needs. Whether you need a bike for working purpose, some distant ride or for sporting purpose, we provide all kinds of services.

Benefits of Booking Car Hire Services

Buying a car and then traveling, traveling without a car or hiring a car and then traveling, what can be best for you? To answer this you need to understand how booking a car is beneficial than any other means of services. Here are some benefits of booking a car hire services.

How to Book Cab Service near Me?

You all have wondered that were will I get a taxi service near me? Earlier if you need to book a cab then you had to call them on their numbers or you were needed to visit the cab booking place but not time has completely changed. Now booking a Economy car has become much easier. Now you can book a car for rent using your mobile phone. You can book it using an app or by visiting the website of that particular car rental service. This is the reason why you don’t need to wonder where is the cab service near me. The booking nowadays is quite easier.
You can open the website of ours and then book your dates by providing some basic details. You will be asked for your mobile number, name, address, proof and some more details of date of boarding and date of return. If you are going for a tour then you need to be more specific.
With just a click I can get a taxi cab near me. The taxi cab service providers do care for the cause of their clients and offer the best one way car services at the given price. Nowadays there are many apps that offer rental services. The taxi service that we provide is of top notch and you will have no complaint about it.

Book a Taxi Service in Delhi

You can get a cab service in Delhi and this is something very common. But what makes the difference between them and us is that we provide the best luxurious services at affordable price with security and care. The Luxury Car Rental we offer has luxury cars that will provide immense comfort and enjoyment.
Car Hire India has become quite easy than ever before. Similarly, car hire in Delhi has also become very easier. With the rise of so many rental agencies, our lives have become comfortable. What we need to do is to maintain the service. The car rental we provide exceeds the services of all other car renting companies. You can go for car hire on our website and choose the car and package you want. You can fix the dates and note down the details of our driver, rate charges and service offers.
The services we provide has made taxi booking and car rental in Delhi easier. Our agency is the best car rental agency Delhi and that is the reason why you must go for it. We are professional, moderns, highly skilful, well-trained drivers that always keep the customer service above money or any other interest so go for it!